Five resources for puzzling and wondering through maths in Years 5 and 6

Puzzling, wondering and playing with ideas are key qualities in the pursuit of mathematical thinking and problem solving. In these five interactive resources, you can help your child enrich their mathematical skills with everything from codebreaking to programming.

Over 50 Secret Codes

Written by Emily Bone and illustrated by Sam Meredith.

Did you know that language, codes and communication are underpinned by mathematics? If your child is interested in coming up with their own secret language, they’ll want to read this book! In it, they’ll find some of the world’s most famous codes including Semaphore, Morse Code, “Grid Code” and even Egyptian hieroglyphics. After exploring this book with your child, lunchbox notes might take on a whole new adventure.

Frank Einstein And The Antimatter Motor

Written by Jon Scieszka and illustrated by Brian Biggs.

Science inventions, funny jokes, robot adventures and maths facts make this an entertaining and memorable story for your child. Frank Einstein loves building and experimenting in his garage lab. When the robot he builds gets stolen, fun and puzzling times unfold!

The ‘I Hate Mathematics!’ Book

Written by Marilyn Burns and illustrated by Martha Hairston.

If you or your child are almost convinced that some maths is nearly impossible, just for “smart people” or simply no fun at all - this book shows that maths can be a very different experience. Its combination of hilarious illustrations and creative suggestions will help expand your child’s understanding of what maths can be and what we can use maths to do.

Red Dragonfly Mathematics Challenge

Adapted from Yasuhiro Hosomizu and illustrated by Stephen Axelsen.

Red dragonfly mathematics challenge offers a range of problems to challenge and stimulate your child's curiosity. The various puzzles and problems will build your child’s grit and patient problem solving as they use their skills in how numbers work, the operations, patterning, area, length and more.

Girl Geeks 1: The Hackathon

Written by Alex Miles.

In this novel, the first in the ‘Girl Geeks’ series, Hamsa’s teacher announces that the class will be running a hackathon. Out of her element, Hamsa has no idea what a hackathon nor coding is, and to make matters worse, she’s not partnered with her best friends.

Can Hamsa and her team work together to pull off this challenge? Will things fall apart? This is a relatable read for any student who has to collaborate, persevere through challenging experiences or learn about something for the first time.

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