Five resources for puzzling and wondering through maths in Years 3 and 4

Puzzling, wondering and playing with ideas are key qualities in the pursuit of mathematical thinking and problem solving. In these five interactive and entertaining books, you can help your child enrich their imagination and critical-thinking skills with everything from code breaking to enhanced gameplay.

The Usborne Chess Book

Written by Lucy Bowman and illustrated by Candice Whatmore.

Chess is a game of critical thinking and strategy… in other words, it’s a game of important mathematical skills. This illustrated book contains brain-teasing puzzles and challenges, as well as cool facts and helpful tips for your child to improve their chess game.

Spies, Code Breakers, And Secret Agents: A World War II Book For Kids

Written by Carole P. Roman.

World War II might’ve happened a long time ago, but the stories live on and will fascinate any budding history buff, code breaker or lover of hide-and-seek. From sneaky tools to secret armies and undercover operations, this book will show your child how the outcome of the WWII was shaped by some really clever mathematical thinking, puzzles and ideas.

Frank Einstein And The Antimatter Motor

Written by Jon Scieszka and illustrated by Brian Biggs.

Science inventions, funny jokes, robot adventures and maths facts make this an entertaining and memorable story for your child. Frank Einstein loves building and experimenting in his garage lab. When the robot he builds gets stolen, fun and puzzling times unfold!

The Math Inspectors 1: The Case Of The Claymore Diamond

Written by Emily Boever and Daniel Kenney.

Can you and your child work out what happened to the Claymore diamond based on the clues hidden within this book?

Hint: You’ll need maths to figure this oe out! This suspenseful and captivating mystery is perfect for any child who loves solving puzzles.

This is book one in the popular series ‘The maths inspectors’ where each book is based on a new case that’ll have your child reading, puzzling, reasoning and pondering for hours.

Mummy Math: An Adventure In Geometry

Written by Cindy Neuschwander and illustrated Bryan Langdo.

Follow along with the Zills twins and their dog in this intriguing mystery of the Pharaoh’s pyramid. The geometric hieroglyphics on the walls will help your child solve each mystery as they use their mathematical skills in reasoning, noticing, wondering and problem solving to help the twins find their way out!

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