Five resources for puzzling and wondering through maths in Years 1 and 2

Puzzling, wondering and playing with ideas are key qualities in the pursuit of mathematical thinking and problem solving. In these five interactive and entertaining books, you can help your child enrich their imagination and critical-thinking skills.

3 books - Which one doesnt belong, The rabbit problem and Math for all season. 3 books - Which one doesnt belong, The rabbit problem and Math for all season.

The Rabbit Problem

Written and illustrated by Emily Gravett.

How does one lonely rabbit end up with an overflowing field of rabbits? This beautiful, pop-up and interactive picture book gives us lots to puzzle over as it explores mathematical ideas like patterning, time and quantifying collections. Hidden within the pages is a baby book for bunnies and a recipe book dedicated to carrots.

Which One Doesn't Belong? - Playing With Shapes

Written and illustrated by Christopher Danielson.

This picture book will encourage your child to notice features about 2D shapes and develop a convincing argument to decide, ‘Which one doesn’t belong?’. With plenty of opportunities to notice and wonder, it can help show your child there is often more than one solution to a mathematical problem.

Rainy Day Pocket Puzzle Book

Written by Simon Tudhope.

Featuring mazes, spot-the-difference, brain teasers, jumbled sequences and other mind-bending puzzles, this collection is sure to give your child’s critical-thinking muscles a workout. Perfect for after school, during the holidays, or on a rainy weekend, you can play through the pages with your child, building your skills in communicating, reasoning and problem solving!

1001 Animals To Spot

Written by Ruth Brocklehurst and illustrated by Terri Gower.

If your child loves animals, hide-and-seek or has an adventurous streak, they’ll relish the challenges in this book. From elephants in the Serengeti to sloths in the Amazon Rainforest, they’ll learn about wild animals and their habitats as they enhance their noticing and reasoning skills. This book will also help your child enhance their skill in quantifying collections, position and patterning.

item 5Math Appeal: Mind-Stretching Math Riddles

Written by Greg Tang and illustrated by Harry Briggs.

In this book of riddles, artworks, puzzles and fables, you'll find insightful tips for effective problem solving. Your child will be encouraged to keep an open mind, look for unusual number combinations, use multiple skills and look for patterns.

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