Five resources for puzzling and wondering through maths in Kindy

Puzzling, wondering and playing are key qualities in the pursuit of mathematical thinking and problem solving. In these five interactive and entertaining books, your child will get to put their imagination and critical-thinking skills into practice.

3 books - Which One Doesnt Belong, Hello Ruby and another book. 3 books - Which One Doesnt Belong, Hello Ruby and another book.

Press Here

Written and illustrated by Herve Tullet

Help your child identify patterns and learn about cause and effect with this instructive and interactive picture book. They’ll be instructed to ‘press here’ and then see the consequences of their actions on the next page as they play and explore like mathematicians.

Which One Doesn't Belong? - Playing With Shapes

Written and illustrated by Christopher Danielson

This picture book will encourage your child to notice features about 2D shapes and develop a convincing argument to decide, ‘Which one doesn’t belong?’. With plenty of opportunities to notice and wonder, it can help show your child there is often more than one solution to a mathematical problem.

Adi Sorts With Variables

Written by Caroline Karanja and illustrated by Ben William Whitehouse

A sweet book about a girl named Adi who needs to clean her room. If only a computer could do it for her! With that mission in mind, she partners up with her best friend Gabi and they put on their computer coding caps, making tidying up more efficient and fun with maths.


After reading the story, ask your child what things they’d like to invent and how they can use maths to bring their inventions to life!

We're Going On A Bear Hunt

Written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

What surprise will your child find in the cave on the other side of the dark forest? Take your child on an adventure with this classic picture book. As they wade through grass, splash through the river and squelch through the mud in search of a bear, they’ll encounter mathematical ideas like position, temperature, length and patterning.

Hello Ruby: Adventures In Coding

Written and illustrated by Linda Liukas

This activity book tells the story of Ruby, a small child with a huge imagination and no limitations! By following Ruby’s adventures, your child will be introduced to coding through imaginative storytelling and illustrations.

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