Five people who used maths to change the world for Years 5 and 6

Spark your child’s imagination with these incredible stories of trailblazers in architecture, space, and design… all of whom needed to use maths to help them change the world. In these five books you’ll also find positive lessons about determination, collaboration, and the importance of working hard when going after your dreams.

Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed The World

Written and illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky.

A great collection of stories about 50 famous scientists from ancient to modern times. Profiles include renowned biologist Rachel Carson and primatologist Jane Goodall, as well as less famous pioneers, such as Dr. Patricia Bath and Barbara McClintock, a Nobel Prize-winning cytogeneticist. Fuel your child’s passion for maths by telling them the stories of the remarkable figures that have gone before and show them how maths has been used to change our world.

The World Is Not A Rectangle: A Portrait Of Architect Zaha Hadid

Written and illustrated by Jeanette Winter.

Imagine having a hand in creating buildings all over the world? This triumphant story of famed architect Zaha Hadid, details her childhood where she dreamt of one day designing her own cities, using her mathematical skills and knowledge to overcome obstacles to help her achieve her goals.

Blockhead: The Life Of Fibonacci

Written by Joseph D'Agnese and illustrated by John O'Brien.

This book tells the story of Leonardo Fibonacci - a man whose attention to detail, passion for numbers and endless wonder helped him notice the recurring patterns in nature, and led to his discovery of what has come to be known as the Fibonacci sequence. Next time you’re walking outdoors, this book might inspire you to notice and wonder about the world around you.

The Girl With A Mind For Math: The Story Of Raye Montague

Written by By Julia Finley Mosca and illustrated by Daniel Rieley.

As a child, Raye Montague toured a submarine and this event ignited her passion for engineering. But while she loved maths, she still had many obstacles to overcome to reach her goals. This acclaimed naval engineer changed the course of ship design, as the first person to create a computer-generated draft. Talk about a legacy!

Astronaut With A Song For The Stars: The Story Of Dr. Ellen Ochoa

Written by Julia Finley Mosca and illustrated by Daniel Rieley.

If your child loves looking up at the night sky and pondering the universe, they may enjoy this story about NASA astronaut, Dr. Ellen Ochoa. Growing up, Ochoa dreamt of becoming a professional flautist but all of that changed when she discovered engineering in college. Ochoa's story shows us how it’s never too late or too early to realise your dream and reach new heights with hard work, perseverance and, of course, maths!

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