Five books to build positive maths mindsets in Years 1 and 2

As your child gets older, you can continue to fuel their curiosity and help build a positive mindset towards learning using these 5 books, packed with inspiring lessons about persistence, perspective and individuality.

3 books called Fantastic Elastic Brain, The Most Magnificent Thing and Count on Me. 3 books called Fantastic Elastic Brain, The Most Magnificent Thing and Count on Me.

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain: Stretch It, Shape It

Written by JoAnn Deak PhD and illustrated by Sarah Ackerley.

Another excellent picture book for teaching your child that making mistakes can, in fact, be a great thing! Mistakes not only help your child grow their brain, they can be helpful for overcoming fears and helping to build courage – essential ingredients for working like a mathematician.

Count On Me

Written by Miguel Tanco.

Follow the story of a young girl as she celebrates maths in everyday life. She sees maths in the concentric circles a skipping stone makes in a lake, the curve of a slide and the geometric shapes and objects in a playground. It’s everywhere and it’s thrilling! This book can help your child realise that there are many different ways to see the world – and the joys of seeing it through a mathematical lens.

The Most Magnificent Thing

Written and illustrated by Ashley Spires.

An important story about perseverance and how one little girl made the “most magnificent thing” by keeping at it. This thought-provoking picture book will give your child perspective, and is a relevant read for them as young learners who need to develop the skills and confidence to keep trying even in the face of multiple set-backs.

All The Ways To Be Smart

Written by Davina Bell and illustrated by Allison Colpoys.

This heartfelt picture book can help to boost your child's self-esteem by showing them how all children are special in their own way. Being smart takes many forms – whether you’re good at persevering with problems, dancing or being brave. It’s healthy and wonderful to think differently, and this book can help you embrace the importance of having different skills, especially as a mathematician.

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts.

Let Rosie’s story and mission help your child see failure as an important stepping stone towards success. This triumphant book shares an important lesson: You only really fail when you quit. Like some of the most famous mathematicians of all time, you’re in great company when you need to keep persisting to achieve your goals!

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