Battleship is a game that relies heavily on position and strategic thinking. Challenge your child or get them to challenge their friends to see who is the champion of position.

Pieces for the Battleship game. Pieces for the Battleship game.

Things you need

  • 2 players
  • Battleship game.

The challenge

Step 1

Download the Battleship game board.

Step 2

Each player places five ships on their playing grid.

Step 3

Your child calls out a coordinate. For example, "A7".

Step 4

You respond with either "hit" or "miss" depending on whether one of your ships is positioned at that coordinate. Your child marks your response on their 'my opponent's grid' so they can keep track of the shots.

If their shot hits your ship, your child gets another turn. Otherwise, take turns until one of you has had all of your ships' hit and sunk.

The conversation

After the game has finished, ask your child these questions to support their mathematical skills:

  • "If we played the game again tomorrow, what would you do differently? Why?"
  • "Is there something you wish you'd done differently in today's game? Why?"
  • "How would having four ships or six ships change the game? Should we play it again and see?"

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