Maths, the building blocks for life

Maths underpins not only everyday life, but some of the fastest growing careers of tomorrow.

Three children in a woodworking class. Three children in a woodworking class.

Maths matters now more than ever. Everyone can learn it and use it to think and solve, to investigate the world and share those discoveries, and to create and build new things, even ideas. We are all mathematicians!

Maths is often described as “the language of science” – that’s because mathematical concepts, problem-solving skills and logical thinking underpin the fields of science, technology and engineering. Careers in these areas are growing 1.5 times faster than other job areas.

Careers that count

Maths complements many career paths, from construction to graphic design and architecture, which all rely on maths skills like measurement, geometry and conversion.

Running a business relies on maths too - you need financial management skills such as calculating pay and taxes and understanding profits.

Healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses also use maths, calculating drug dosages and interpreting public health statistics for their patients.

Maths is in nearly every career. Today’s students will face tomorrow’s jobs with greater confidence with a solid background in maths.

Jobs of tomorrow

Maths is more than a foundation for traditional careers – it is highly relevant for the jobs of tomorrow.

We live in the age of ‘Big Data’ – as we live more of our lives online, more data is being produced, faster than ever before. That means people with the skills and qualifications to collect, analyse, interpret and communicate data are in high demand.

From machine learning and artificial intelligence to cryptocurrency and the blockchain – numbers and data are driving the next Digital Revolution. The fast pace of technological change now demands a solid foundational knowledge in maths, more now than ever.

Skills for today and the future

Between the 1960s and today, the share of the job market requiring analytical, cognitive and mathematical skills has doubled from 15 to 30 per cent. And the need for digital skills has exploded – they are now required in 87% of jobs across every sector and industry.

A good foundation in maths will underpin everyday life and provide an edge in almost any career.

Find fun, practical and creative ways to inspire a love of maths. To explore and learn more head over to the Everyday Maths Hub.


Mahalia Barnes

"Maths helps stimulate brains and problem solving, and is an essential part of my music career"

Dan Reilly

“Things like working out angles, lengths and areas are essential on The Block. It’s maths skills like these that make a career like mine in building and construction possible"

Kai Sakakibara

“I was always encouraged to make maths a priority at home and it paid off on the BMX track”

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