Sports tactics

Sports tactics rely a lot on position. No matter what sport your teen is interested in, the position of the players makes a big difference to the outcome.

Things you need

  • Sports game (live, recorded or playing it yourself).

The challenge

Watch a game of sport your child enjoys and notice the position of the players when a goal is scored or saved. In sports, the positioning of players has a significant impact on whether they're able to attack or defend effectively. From skateboarding to tennis, gymnastics to AFL, being in the right place at the right time is critical to success.

For this activity, help your child achieve a goal they've set themselves in their favourite sport by capturing video footage and analysing it to help them better position their bodies.

The conversation

One of the most interesting elements of sports tactics is talking through the plays, whether you're playing it yourself, watching live at the game or watching on TV. Can your child interpret the tactics? Here are some topics for discussion:

  • Why did the defence or attack work?
  • How did the other team respond and adapt?
  • Which players were out of position?
  • What would you or your child have done differently?

Want to get really advanced in positioning talk? Get your teen to pay attention to how teams set up their field positions. This is especially noticeable in cricket, but you'll see intentional position changes in any competitive sport you enjoy watching.

The career

Strategic positioning is important for anybody working in project management or logistics. It’s also important for jobs that involve the great outdoors, like tour guides or farmers. Alternatively, your child could put their sporting tactics knowledge to good use and become the next Ash Barty, Ellyse Perry or Kurt Fearnley.

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