Split the bill

Going out to breakfast, lunch or dinner with family or friends? Put your teenager in charge of splitting the bill fairly. Just make sure you double check their calculations!

Things you need

  • A bill for a meal
  • Calculator (optional).

The challenge

Next time you have a family or group meal at a restaurant, ask for the bill and get your teenager to allocate a fair split for everyone at the table.

The conversation

Questions you can ask your teen to support their understanding:

  • "How much was each person's share of the bill?"
  • "Were you surprised at any of the costs?"
  • "Is your split fair? Did everyone have a main? Did everyone order a drink?"
  • "Do you think this would cost the same amount with ingredients bought from the supermarket?"

The conversation

Using basic mathematical operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, is a skill that has many practical applications. It’ll serve your teen in their first job, whether that’s in hospitality, retail or a trade, all the way until they’re a business owner or in charge of running a household.

Knowing how to share resources like money, materials, food and time is a professional skill used daily by chefs, scientists, managers, foremen, artists and nurses.

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