How to win at pool

Support your child's knowledge of angles by playing games. In this case, we're using pool or snooker, but you can use any sport that your child is interested in.

Things you need

  • Pool or snooker table.

The challenge

Next time you want to apply your knowledge of angles, look no further than a pool table.

Pool and snooker players are consistently challenged to use angles as they attempt to win the game. Encourage your teenager to practice by taking difficult pool shots to get the ball in each pocket.

As an alternative, your teen can explore the affect of angles in any sport they love. Baseball, T-ball, golf, AFL, rugby league, hockey, basketball and netball all need athletes who know how to use angles to their advantage.

The conversation

As you enjoy the game, talk to your teen about their thinking, and explain yours too:

  • "I'm going to try to hit the ball so it bounces off the side over there – but I need it to bounce at a 90 degree angle so it hits my target."
  • "What angle do you need to knock that ball into the pocket?"
  • "I wonder if you changed the angle, if that would make you miss the shot?"
  • "I can't get a direct shot in, but there's a couple of balls I could try to hit on the rebound. What angles would help me make one of those shots? Do you think one is easier?"

The career

While a career in professional sport might not be your child's dream, using angles is helpful in many people's work. From hairdressers to engineers, boat builders to abseilers and gardeners, feeling confident with angles is an important life skill.

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