Go for a bush walk

Sometimes there's no better way to put maths into practice than in the great Australian outdoors. Take your child or teen out on a hike at a national park, and work together to plan your adventure by applying their knowledge of position.

Things you need

  • Paper map
  • Hiking gear (proper shoes, water, food, sun protection)
  • Compass
  • First-aid kit
  • Mobile phone.

The challenge

If your teenager has grown up with a love for the great outdoors, encourage them to develop their positioning skills by navigating a bush walk or hiking trail.

The conversation

Talk to your teen as you’re doing the walk. Ask questions like:

  • "How much longer until we get to our destination?"
  • "How are you measuring the distance?"
  • "How are you identifying the position of key landmarks?"
  • "I'm tired! What is the right way to get home?"

These questions about positioning will also apply to any form of driving or travelling.

The career

If your teenager is interested in a career working in nature, or travelling, they’ll need a good knowledge of position. Pilots, museum curators, forest rangers, farmers and surf instructors all use a deep understanding of positioning on a daily basis, as do planning officers, engineers, architects and military personnel.

Remember: before you both set out, it’s important that you have the right supplies – water, food, a first aid kit, a whistle, a torch and sun protection should come in handy. Let your teen select the walk, use the map, navigate and lead the way. For this activity, a physical paper map and compass are best.

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