Five resources to build positive maths mindsets in Years 7 and 8

Having a positive mindset can help improve outcomes and understanding in all aspects of your teen’s learning. Packed with profound lessons, inspiration and real-life stories about resilience, problem solving and perspective, these resources can continue to support a positive mindset towards learning and mathematics.

3 Tips To Boost Your Confidence

Developed by TED Ed.

When faced with challenges, you’ve probably heard the advice, “Be more confident.” But where does confidence come from and how can you get more of it? This animated video by TED Ed in partnership with the Always #LikeAGirl campaign provides some lessons to boost your confidence so you can face learning head on.

Confidence-Boosting Maths Messages

Developed by Youcubed at Stanford. Speaker: Professor Jo Boaler.

In this insightful video, Professor Jo Boaler from Stanford University and her students explain why everyone can master maths. They use the latest brain research as well as examples and stories of the mathematicians in history who’ve encountered setbacks and spent years working on problems. This video can help us realise that maths isn’t about speed – it’s about growing our brains, creativity, and finding and solving problems.

Mathematics Is The Sense You Never Knew You Had

Developed by TEDxSydney. Speaker: Eddie Woo.

In this engaging and insightful talk for TEDxSydney, mathematics teacher Eddie Woo explores the mathematical realities woven into the fabric of the universe – from lightning bolts to river deltas to blood vessels. Eddie makes the bold statement that we are all born to be mathematicians – let his joy and passion for learning inspire you and your teen to consider mathematics as a whole new way to see the world.

Richard Turere: My Invention That Made Peace With Lions

Developed by TED Talks. Speaker: Richard Turere.

In the community where Richard Turere lives with his family, cattle are vital to their way of life, but lion attacks can put an entire family’s herd and future at risk. In this TED talk, you’ll learn how Richard used maths to invent and design a solar-powered solution that safely scared the lions away and continues to protect his family and their livelihood. Enjoy this story about how maths helped Richard and his community, and illustrate the power of problem solving and grit with your teen.

Adam Spencer: Why I Fell In Love With Monster Prime Numbers

Developed by TED Talks. Speaker: Adam Spencer.

A fantastic TED Talk by mathematician, comedian and self-appointed lifelong lover of maths, Adam Spencer. Your child will learn about monster prime numbers - those massive odd numbers that can only be divisible by one and themselves! They can be millions of digits long and mathematicians go hunting for them. Explained with his trademark humour and wit, let Adam inspire and broaden your teen’s view of how mathematicians persevere through tough challenges and work together to solve some really awesome problems.

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