Five games to have fun with maths in Years 9 and 10

As your teen explores complex ideas in their learning, they may enjoy taking a break and exercising their mathematical skills in different ways. These games will test their skills while keeping them entertained.

Laser Chess

Similar to chess, this game - formerly known as Khet - has one big advantage: It uses lasers! This two-player strategy board game has unique Egyptian-themed pieces equipped with mirrors. The pieces can either be moved one space or rotated in each turn. At the end of each turn the player can fire their laser, with the goal being to hit their opponent’s pharaoh piece, while protecting their own.

Aside from developing their strategic skills, laser chess can enrich your teen’s understanding of angles and position.

Power Grid

If your teen enjoys strategising in Monopoly and Game of Life, they may also like Power Grid – a board game in which players compete to build an electricity empire.

Power Grid players explore how money works by bidding at auction, allocating resources, recognising patterns, and maximising efficiency while retaining funds.


Cribbage is a classic game that can lead to some amazing battles. The game is based on scoring points by collecting particular combinations of cards. Each card is given a numerical value, with the players aiming to keep the sum of the cards at 31 or lower. The first player to reach 121 points wins.

Aside from the opportunity to develop their understanding of operations and quantifying collections, Cribbage can help your teen enhance their problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning. It also requires relatively little equipment to play - just a deck of cards and a cribbage board for keeping score, which your teen can make.

Sushi! Go!

This fun card game will encourage your teen to use their understanding in probability and mathematical reasoning. In trying to create the best sushi dishes and get the highest score, players decide which cards to keep and which cards to pass to the next person. They can increase the value of their sushi pieces by dipping them in sauce but will lose points if they don’t keep room for dessert!

With its addictive and delicious concept, this game can get quite competitive, making it the perfect game to play with friends or family.

Prime Climb

A colourful board game for ages 10 and up, Prime Climb combines strategy and luck as players battle to be the first to land both pawns in the 101 circle at the centre of the game board.

By rolling dice and choosing which operation you’d like to use, players can bump their opponent’s pawns off the board in this.

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