Charity donations

Ask your teen to pick a cause they're passionate about and have them work out a plan so they can offer some support in a way that suits them and your family.

Learning about money includes learning the value of your time and sharing belongings.

Things you need

  • Your child's pocket money or savings
  • Possessions they'd like to donate
  • Their spare time.

The challenge

One of the ways that we can help teens understand the value of money is through supporting a charity of their choice. They can do this by volunteering with you at charity events, and they can also support their charity by earning money to make a donation or fundraising.

The conversation

  • "Why is this charity important to you?"
  • "Are there other charities with a similar goal?"
  • "People can support charities by donating money, but you can also support charities by donating your time, or by donating things that you don't need any more. Are there other ways we could help or support your charity without money?"
  • "If you'd like to donate money, what percentage of your pocket money or your savings could you afford to donate?"
  • "If you'd like, what are some things that you could do to earn a little bit more money to support your charity?"

The career

The ability to budget is a skill every person needs. It helps us in our everyday life and in almost any career. Whether you're a painter, a plumber, a hairdresser, or a lawyer, being able to organise your money is a key skill for success.

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