A VR experience

Virtual Reality (VR) experiences are now available in many museums, zoos, art galleries and escape rooms across NSW. You can also find some amazing games, apps or online experiences for your teen to try too.

Things you need

  • Access to a VR attraction at a museum, zoo or art gallery
  • Internet access.

The challenge

Virtual Reality is an emerging trend in entertainment. It’s also a great way to explore geometry with some really interesting technologies.

Next time you're in the city and having a special day out with your teen, take them to a place that has a VR attraction. From VR art installations to VR escape rooms, being immersed in a virtual world is a great way to illustrate geometry.

You can also try an Augmented Reality (AR) game or experience. Your teen might like to check out these examples from National Geographic, the British Museum and even the National Gallery of Victoria.

The conversation

AR and VR may seem like magic, but they're really just maths. If your teen takes an interest in these experiences, you could help them explore how they're built. Your teen might even wind up making some AR or VR experiences of their own, helping them deepen their mathematical skills and understanding.

The career

It's not just game designers that need confidence working with 3D objects. From Zookeepers to astrophysicists, mechanical engineers to plumbers, having knowledge about geometric concepts is a powerful asset that supports many careers.

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