Creative maths jobs: Gaming careers, media and marketing

Maths is an essential tool for gaming, design, media and business.

Believe it or not, creative maths jobs are definitely a thing. Take video game programming for instance; perfecting the arc of a leaping character or speeding car requires a knowledge of physics, and maths is at the heart of all of the coding languages developers use to build games.

But veteran games industry recruiter Bronwynn Lusted has noticed another maths trends emerging in the games industry — using data analysis to understand player behaviour.

Many of the jobs being listed through her recruitment company, Conkerberry, call for data analysis skills. “They want to know how to get people started on the games, and how long they’ll stay,” says Bronwynn. “If people are dropping off after 5 minutes, the data analyst works closely with the designers to find out what’s happening. There’s a lot of to-and-fro between the design crew and the data analysts.”

Opportunities for people with skills in maths and statistics in the media, marketing and creative industries are increasing all the time. The rise of big data means companies everywhere are keen to hire people who can analyse their customer information and provide insights that will improve their marketing strategies.

Marketing and media are no longer just about coming up with catchy taglines to sell products — maths skills are now in the spotlight
Image: Poplin Data

Mike Robins is the co-founder of Poplin Data (pictured above), a company which helps businesses manage the flow of data coming from their customers and turn it into something useful.

Their media clients want to know how their content is performing — how far down the page do people read? What do they click on next? Marketing and media are no longer just about coming up with catchy taglines to sell products — maths skills are now in the spotlight.

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Study options

  • Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication (specialising in digital marketing), Open Colleges

  • Bachelor of Games and Interactivity/Bachelor of Computer Science, Swinburne

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing), UniSA

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  • Media buyer: $44k–$81k

  • Marketing analyst: $48–$86

  • 3D artist: $43k–$95k

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