Check out these 15 jobs for the future

The National Skills Commission has identified the top emerging careers in Australia. A recurring theme in almost all of them: Maths and data skills.

Wondering where maths and data skills could take you in the future? Let’s count the ways!

Drawing on data from 2014-2019, the Australian Government’s National Skills Commission (NSC) used a bunch of sources and methods to identify 25 ‘emerging’ occupations – that is, brand-new classes of jobs which are turning up in job ads more and more.

And do you know what those clever peeps found when using their own analytical skills to dig through data and find career info gold? Yep – that data jobs like theirs are the future!

These new jobs are emerging because of new skills in high demand, the report explained. For example, the job that we used to call ‘statistician’ has evolved to require next-gen skills in coding, machine learning, data visualisation and Big Data analytics, resulting in the emergence of new job titles under this old-school banner, such as data scientist and data analyst.

Of the top 25 highlighted by the NSC, we found 15 with maths and data skills at the centre. You don’t have to be a numbers whizz to figure out that these skills improve your odds of landing a future-focussed career!

1. Data Analyst

Gather and analyse data, develop data visualisations, conduct statistical analysis.

2. Data Scientist

Develop machine-learning models, data mining, data analytics, visualisation, reporting, consultation.

3. Data Engineer

Develop, manage and maintain databases, provide data in a ready-to-use form for data scientists and analysts.

4. Data Architect

Design and manage data platforms, build and monitor databases, develop data governance and security procedures.

5. Pricing Analyst

Analyse product prices, revenue modelling, review pricing agreements.

6. Logistics Analyst

Improve supply chain efficiency, analyse logistics data, inventory forecasting and monitoring.

7. Biostatistician

Collection, analysis and reporting of biological data. Monitor and analyse data from experiments.

8. Digital Marketing Analyst

Online marketing, social media marketing, campaign monitoring (through web analytics).

9. Social Media Specialist

Develop, implement and manage social media strategy, content and campaigns.

10. User Experience (UX) Analyst

Analyse user data to inform the design of web and mobile app interfaces.

11. Researcher

Conduct and manage research projects, analyse data and write papers.

This might not sound like a ‘new’ job to you, but the NSC included it because demand for this role is increasing!

12. Risk Analyst

Statistical modelling of corporate risk, risk management advice, helping businesses comply with regulations.

13. Energy Auditor

Measure household energy use, advise companies on energy use and efficiency, analyse energy data.

14. Compensation and Benefits Analyst

A data role in the Human Resources department that involves analysing salary packages, pension plans and managing workers compensation claims.

15. Energy Efficiency Engineers

Analyse and report on energy data, implement programs to reduce energy waste, design controls for energy systems.

View the full report (PDF 2MB) from the National Skills Commission.

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