Evaluations and reports

CESE – 2020 Evaluation Report

The evaluation was designed to measure how well the strategy was going in its first phase, and what it has achieved.

The evaluation report, released in 2020, highlights the strategy has a sound approach which has the potential to provide more effective outcomes. It shows that the strategy has had a positive impact in schools, especially for students in their early years. It also suggests that the strategy is on the right track and has more work to do, especially for students in older years.

The evaluation report identified:

  • The Strategy is having a positive impact in schools, particularly at the primary level with younger school children.
  • Disadvantage in these communities has had a big impact on attendance and engagement.
  • There’s been some positive effect on Year 3 NAPLAN outcomes, but little evidence for positive effects on NAPLAN outcomes in older years.
  • More links with services are required, particularly health services.
  • Most school staff and communities support the strategy and see the benefits it brings.
  • The focus on (Aboriginal) culture is having positive effects.
  • There has been variation in results between schools (due to location and the impact of government and non-government services).

OCHRE - 2019 Review Report

Business Unit:

  • Connected Communities
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