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Selective high schools cater for highly achieving academically gifted and talented students who may otherwise be isolated from a suitable academic peer group. These schools can provide intellectual stimulation by grouping high potential and academically gifted students together and using specialised teaching methods.

Some vacancies starting in Years 8 to 12 may become available.

Please direct any specific enquiries about your application and assessments to the selective high schools.

Types of selective schools

There are two types of selective high schools offering placement, fully selective and partially selective. Both fully selective and partially selective high schools offer places. Selective high schools are located throughout NSW and can be viewed on the map of selective high schools.

The application process for placement in selective high schools for Years 8 to 12 is different to that for Year 7 entry. Download a printable version of the application information for Years 8 to 12 entry (to be updated) for more information.


Available places in Years 8 to 12 depend on the number of students who have left the school. Each school is different, some may have no vacancies in some years of schooling, some create reserve lists in case of future vacancies, others may establish additional places in some years. Contact individual selective high schools for further information about availability.

  • Students cannot automatically transfer between selective high schools. If a student wishes to change from one selective high school to another, an application must be made in June and July for placement the following year.
  • Applicants complete the application form that is available in late June each year, and submit to up to three selective high schools. A separate application must be submitted to each school.
  • Individual selective high schools manage their own placement and any reserve lists they may have.
  • A student's current pattern of study will be taken into account when being considered for placement. Available patterns of study at selective high schools may vary from current choices.
  • Any applications to repeat a school year should be discussed with the principal prior to submission.
  • An applicant on a reserve list remains on that reserve list only for the specific year applied for.
  • If unsuccessful in one year, parents can apply for placement in subsequent years when applications are open.

Fees and financial assistance

NSW selective high schools are public schools and do not charge fees except for materials contributions for certain school subjects and boarding fees for boarder school placements. Financial assistance may be available for rural and remote students applying for boarder placement.


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