For Year 5 opportunity class entry in 2024, appeals will be due 7 days after the release of outcomes.

Please check the invalid grounds below before submitting an appeal.

Appeals based on a malpractice determination

Parents can appeal against the determination of malpractice using the link within their malpractice letter. The appeal must be submitted by the due date specified in the letter.

Appeals against the placement outcome

All decisions made by the selection committee and appeals panel are based on the way students are ranked by academic merit for placement in opportunity classes. You may appeal against the outcome if something specific happened to prevent you from submitting an illness/misadventure request at the time of the test.

Appeals will not generally be accepted if they are based on grounds that you mentioned or should have mentioned, through the illness/misadventure process by 3 August 2023.

Appeals that have the greatest chance of being upheld are those where:

  • You are aware of the circumstances that led to your child's inability to attend the test or perform at their best.
  • You have not already told the Selective Education Unit about this matter and you have good reasons for not doing so.
  • You have written evidence to support your case.

All relevant evidence must be included with appeals at the time they are submitted. Additional material will not be requested by the Unit and may not be considered after the due date.

The Selective Education Unit will present appeals to an appeals panel for consideration. However, appeals based on invalid grounds will not be forwarded to the panel.

Invalid grounds for appeal

Before submitting an appeal, please read this list of invalid grounds for appeal:

  • Requests to re-mark the multiple choice test components. Since the multiple choice tests are computer-marked and reliability checks are already carried out, these tests cannot be re-marked using the appeals process.
  • Matters that have, or should have been, dealt with as an illness/misadventure request are invalid grounds for appeal. If extenuating circumstances stopped you from submitting an illness/misadventure request you must provide us with the details and upload supporting documents. Matters that should have been dealt with in an illness/misadventure request include:
    • difficult family circumstances and bereavements in the period leading up to the test or on the test day
    • illness, injury, anxiety, fatigue or stress at the time of the test
    • test centre problems such as disruptions during the test or suspected shorter time given for the test
    • anything voluntary and avoidable that stopped the child from sitting the test or doing their best in the test, such as participation in entertainment, sporting events, attendance at excursions, camps, or a holiday trip.
  • Suspected disadvantage due to the implementation of the Equity Placement Model. Requests for consideration under equity groups will not be considered valid grounds for appeal. The department identifies students from various equity groups using data from the application form and other available information.
  • Concerns about recent changes to reporting of test scores or weighting of test components.
  • Suspected problems with the teacher, for example extended teacher absences or changes of teacher or school.
  • The process used to determine academic merit, such as consideration of IQ results in the interstate and overseas process, or alternative evidence of academic merit.
  • Lack of familiarity with the placement process, the English language, Australian culture and/or the NSW education system.
  • The student’s academic performance on the practice tests on our website or other measurements or reports, such as IQ score, International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) testing, school reports or certificates and scholarship or coaching college testing.
    • However, if NAPLAN results were used for placing students who didn't take the test, and parents can prove issues with the NAPLAN tests, an appeal is possible. Parents need to provide results from an individual IQ test, specifically, the Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children - Fifth Edition.
  • Requests for reviewing applications due to parent or student expectations or disappointment at not receiving an offer or being placed on a reserve list.
  • Young age of the student, lack of test preparation, educational disadvantage or failure of the student to complete one or more tests.
  • The apparent inability of the student to demonstrate their potential.
  • Perceived advantage the student may gain from placement in an opportunity class. This includes travel convenience, attendance with friends or siblings and/or benefits to the family.

Appeals founded on valid reasons, but where any potential adjustments wouldn't impact the placement outcome, will also not be forwarded to the appeals panel.

After reviewing your appeal, the Selective Education Unit will inform you through a message on your application dashboard about whether or not your appeal will be sent to the appeals panel for further consideration.

Residency appeals

Applicants for opportunity class placement must satisfy residency requirements before a place can be offered. An appeal on the grounds of residency can be pursued under extenuating circumstances, such as when written evidence indicates imminent approval of a permanent residency visa.

To submit a residency appeal:

  1. Log in to your application dashboard
  2. go to the ‘Application’ section
  3. under ‘action’ click on the 3 dots to show the drop-down menu
  4. select ‘Start appeal’
  5. follow the steps until you get to 'Residency' appeals
  6. complete the form
  7. attach evidence that supports your description of the circumstances
  8. submit
  9. your screen will then show a message acknowledging your submission.

Appeals panels

The appeals panel meets to consider all appeals passed on by the Selective Education Unit. The appeals panel includes a selective high school principal, an opportunity class principal, and a Director, Educational Leadership. The appeals panel will consult with the primary school principal if necessary.

Applicants receive the results of their appeals shortly after the appeals panel concludes its review.


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