Privacy and ethics

The code of conduct provides a common understanding of the standards of behaviour expected of all Department of Education staff.

Code of conduct

All staff members are subject to and uphold the Code of Conduct. This includes:

  • identifying and managing a conflict of interest
  • declaring gifts, benefits and bribes
  • protecting confidential information.

Identifying and managing a conflict of interest

  • All Selective Education Unit staff sign a declaration of confidentiality. They declare any family members or close friends applying for selective high school or opportunity class entry.
    • Staff are removed from any contact with placement or tests if they have a relative or close friend applying.
  • Selective Education Unit staff cannot have any links with a coaching college.

Declaring gifts, benefits and bribes

The Selective Education Unit will not accept gifts, benefits or bribes. If staff are sent unreturnable small gifts like flowers, these will be declared on the Workplace Gifts Register and shared with the whole team.

Protecting confidential information

  • Appropriate measures are taken to ensure databases are secure and confidential information is not passed on to anyone not authorised to receive it.
  • Selective Education Unit staff and external contractors such as printers and scanning companies sign a confidentiality agreement to keep all applicant and related information confidential.

Privacy statement

The NSW Department of Education of 105 Phillip Street Parramatta NSW 2150 is subject to the Education Act 1990, Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1988 and Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002.

The information contained on opportunity class and selective high school applications is required to assess and process the student's application for enrolment. In addition the department will collect and obtain other personal information (including future information) to assist in assessing and processing the application, including but not limited to results and information about the student's performance in the Selective High Schools Placement Test or the Opportunity Class Placement Test. This information will be stored in a secure database for at least 3 years. Applicants may contact the Selective Education Unit to access or correct information held if necessary. This information, or part thereof, may be used and disclosed by the NSW Department of Education for the following purposes:

  • assessing and processing the application for enrolment in a selective high school or opportunity class
  • determining placement and reviewing of such placement
  • communication to departmental staff, including NSW public school principals, volunteers and persons who may be involved in the placement process – non-government schools may also receive reports
  • general student administration, including notifying the student's current school, and other concerned public schools for which the applicant has sought entry, of the outcome of the application as well as notifying any other person authorised by the parent
  • any other matters relating to the education and welfare of the student
  • data collection and any other purpose required by law.


  • School operations

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  • Communication and Engagement
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