Blairmount Public School

Students and family engagement key to successful remote learning.

Image: Digital technology has long been a part of how students learn at Blairmount Public School.

One Sydney school has piggy-backed on its existing technology skills, and strengthened relationships with students’ families to continue delivering high-quality education.

Long before COVID-19 created virtual classrooms in NSW schools, teachers at Blairmount Public School, in Sydney’s south-west, had integrated digital technology into the school curriculum.

The primary school’s students were already familiar with platforms such as Google Classroom and Seesaw when remote learning was introduced at Blairmount earlier this year.

But the school knew that wasn’t enough to ensure all of its students would continue to receive quality education; it had to make sure the children could access digital devices and wi-fi at home, and that parents and carers felt comfortable supporting their child’s virtual education.

To that end, the school lent 190 tablets to its students, and Blairmount’s two assistant principal pedagogy coaches contacted those families who hadn’t yet engaged with the remote learning platforms to ask if they needed technological support.

Help was offered via phone, video conference calls or in-person at the school.

Teachers monitored their students’ progress and provided feedback via text or voice recordings on the online platforms, and over the phone, which helped them tailor work for each student.

That preparation meant all of Blairmount’s students had access to high-quality learning opportunities during remote learning.

With teachers in constant contact with families, discussing students’ learning and checking how parents and carers were coping, relationships between families and the school were strengthened for the future.


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