Media and production crew access to schools

The following guidelines support COVID safe media production using school sites. These guidelines are subject to change. Please check with the department’s media unit on each request on 02 7814 1559 or via email at

Last updated 26 April 2023

Guidelines for media

Requests for photographs/vision and on-site interviews will be based on the principle of supporting public information and awareness. This decision will be made in consultation with the school principal, considering local conditions and COVID-19 risk assessments.

As part of their conditions of approval to use school sites, media should:

  • not attend school sites if unwell (including any symptoms of COVID-19, flu or cold)

  • check-in using the school visitor system

  • maintain physical distancing and avoid mingling with staff, students, school community members and other media crews as much as possible

  • choose outdoor or well-ventilated spaces (such as large halls and libraries) as much as possible

  • follow any additional requirements of the school and their organisation’s COVID-smart plans.

Guidelines for production crews

There are additional strict rules in place for third party filming on school grounds:

  • Filming must occur on non-school days (weekends, public holidays and school holidays) only

  • Production companies must clean the site before bump in and after bump out. This is consistent with Screen Australia’s COVID safe filming guidelines. This is the responsibility of the production company. Any non-compliance will be reported to Screen NSW, and production will not be allowed back on site to continue their filming

  • Productions must comply with NSW Health and Department of Education policies and complete the relevant community use agreement with the school principal before filming.


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