2020 Code of Conduct Review

Help improve our Code of Conduct.

There have been significant changes to the social, political and legislative landscape since the department's Code of Conduct was last reviewed and it needs to be updated to reflect these changes.

The Code of Conduct links the department’s values and principles with expected standards of professional conduct. It provides a framework to support staff in their day to day decision making.

Discussion paper

The department has developed this discussion paper (PDF 326 KB) as part a review of the Code of Conduct.

Have your say

You can provide feedback on the discussion paper via via email at codeofconduct@det.nsw.edu.au or via this online survey (which allows for anonymous submissions).

Please respond by 23 October 2020 so that your input is considered in the review process.


  • Communication and engagement

Business Unit:

  • Professional and Ethical Standards
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