Interstate and overseas applicants

For entry in 2022 the Selective High School Test is held in NSW on 11 March 2021 only in NSW. Students living interstate or overseas should travel to NSW sit the test if possible. There is no catch-up test and the test cannot be taken outside NSW. Use one of the following procedures for interstate or overseas students who are unable to sit the test.

  • interstate and overseas procedure OR
  • illness or misadventure procedure.

Interstate and overseas procedure

If the student is living interstate or overseas but the family will be living in NSW by the start of Year 7 parents can apply for placement. If the student has no school assessment scores from Year 5 in NSW and cannot sit the test you should:

  • submit the online application by the due date (available on 13 October 2020 to 17 November 2020)
  • submit the Report of academic merit form (PDF 181KB) for interstate and overseas applicants by 11 March 2021. Log in to your application to submit the report.

The report of academic merit requires:

  • a recent (within the last 2 years), reliable, full scale WISC V or Stanford Binet V IQ report. THe test must be administered by a registered psychologist sourced by the parent.
  • standardised test results in reading and mathematics. These can be adminsitered by a psychologist or certified teacher. The specific test depends on what is available to the person administering the tests. Examples of standardised tests are WIAT-II and WIAT-III or PAT Maths and PAT Reading. The psychologist or teacher should be able to advise which standardised tests would be available.
  • a supervised writing task. The topic should be general in nature and must be new to the student at the time of writing. It must be set and supervised by the person administering the standardised tests. The student must have 2 pages and 30 minutes to complete the task. No extra time is to be allowed for planning. The task is to be supervised and certified by the administrator as the student’s own unassisted writing.

Interstate and overseas students do not need to submit school assessment scores as only those from NSW schools in Year 5 can be used in the score calculation.

Returning to sit the test

If interstate and overseas students can sit the test in NSW, applicants should enter in the application a suitable suburb for test centre allocation. A report of academic merit is not required if the student is in NSW to sit the test.

Parents of students currently interstate or overseas who had intended to travel to NSW for the test may now be prevented from doing so. If this occurs, parents have the option to submit a Report of academic merit instead. The due date for submission of the report can be extended to 25 April 2021 for affected families if unable to travel to NSW. Please inform the Team if you will not be able to attend the test as intended.

Illness or misadventure procedure

Interstate or overseas applicants can use the illness or misadventure procedure after applying if:

  • they are temporarily living outside NSW and will live in NSW by the start of Year 7
  • they have attended a NSW primary school in 2020
  • they have been given school assessment scores in 2020.

Submit an application by the due date. If unable to travel to NSW to sit the Selective High Schools Placement Test, submit an illness or misadventure request before 18 March 2021.

Go to Illness or misadventure for more details and the link to the Illness/misadventure form.

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