Special test provisions

Applicants may request special provisions because of a disability, medical condition or behavioural disorder – a medical certificate is required.

  • Requests for special provisions for the Opportunity Class Placement Test are made through the 'Opportunity class placement application' online.
  • Special provisions will not normally be granted if a student does not require them in class – however, students will not necessarily receive the same provisions as previously granted.
  • The unit will try to assist in emergency situations, such as a broken arm just prior to the test, but special test provisions for existing conditions cannot be modified in the three weeks prior to the test.

All applications will be assessed individually – the high performing students unit may contact the school or applicant to discuss the request. The applicant, student's current public primary school principal and the person in charge of the test will be advised in writing of any special provisions granted for the test.

Where special test provisions are not granted, applicants may lodge an illness/misadventure claim.

Examples of special provisions

Some possible test provisions for disabilities, medical conditions or behavioural disorders include:

  • large print test papers
  • FM transmitters
  • test papers printed on a specific colour
  • separate seating or a seat at the front.

Use of a computer, scribe or extra time are not provided for the Opportunity Class Placement Test.

Any special provisions granted will not give an advantage to a student.

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