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Opportunity classes - Year 5 updates

Application for Year 5 placement in an opportunity class in 2021 opens on Tuesday 28 April 2020 and closes at 5 pm on Friday 15 May 2020. Parents and carers can apply from this web page during that time. Late applications are not accepted.

The Opportunity Class Placement Test will be held on Wednesday 29 July 2020.

See more detailed information about the process of placement in opportunity classes.

Selective high schools - Year 7 updates

Entry to Year 7 in 2021

The Selective High School Placement Test was conducted on Thursday 12 March 2020.

If your child missed the test, there is no opportunity to sit it at another time.

If your child was ill or experienced some form of misadventure on the day of the test you may complete an illness/misadventure request. All claims involving illness must be accompanied by medical certificates which cover the test day. Those involving misadventure should be accompanied by supporting documentation where appropriate.

Illness/misadventure requests must be submitted to ssu@det.nsw.edu.au by the 26 March 2020.

Download the Application information (PDF 791KB) for information about the placement process for entry in 2021.

Applications are now closed

Applications opened on this site on 8 October 2019 and closed on 11 November 2019. Closing dates for applications are strictly observed. The placement program operates on a very tight schedule and involves the use of external contractors who cannot accommodate late additions to the candidature for testing.

There can be no exemptions made on compassionate grounds. The only circumstances under which a late application can be considered are where:

  • parents are applying for placement of their children in rural or remote areas where there is a shortage of suitable candidates. The choices are locked for those applicants and they cannot be considered for other selective high schools even if they move their residence
  • both parents/carers have documentary evidence to support a claim that circumstances beyond their control prevented them from completing an application. The application takes a maximum of 20 minutes to complete and is available 24 hours a day on any internet enabled device during the month that applications are open.

Before 20 February, If you had strong extenuating circumstances that prevented you from applying in time, you could email the team at ssu@det.nsw.edu.au explaining the circumstances, attaching all relevant evidence to support the request, and listing the selective high schools you would have chosen, for consideration. However, at this late stage it is not possible to add late applications.

Entry to Year 7 in 2020

Reserve lists

If your child is on a reserve list, we will contact you if an offer becomes available. The progress of the reserve lists is no longer published online. Email the Team at ssu@det.nsw.edu.au to find out the current place number.

For more information about placement outcomes go to the Outcome page. See below, frequently asked questions about outcomes.

Review of Selective Education Access

In December 2018, the NSW Minister for Education, Rob Stokes, announced the findings of the Review of Selective Education Access. For more information, see Review of Selective Education Access: Findings and Action Plan.

Information about changes to the placement process will be published on this site when it is available.

See more detailed information about the process of placement in selective high schools starting in Year 7.

Entry to Years 8 to 12 in 2021 - updates

Application for entry to selective high schools in Years 8 to 12 in 2021 will open on 19 June 2020 and close on 24 July 2020. Schools conduct their assessments during August and September and release outcomes in October and November.

Download a printable version of the application information for Years 8 to 12 entry here when it is updated in May 2020.

The downloadable application form is available here while applications are open each year, for placement the following year.

See more detailed information about the process of placement in selective high schools starting in Years 8 to 12.

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