New Arrivals Program

The New Arrivals Program (NAP) provides initial, on-arrival intensive English language tuition for newly arrived students at the beginning and emerging levels of English language proficiency. Support is provided to students in primary schools, high schools and Intensive English Centres (IECs) in order to develop their English language skills so they are able to participate in learning with their peers in mainstream classes.

Access to NAP support

Year 6 and high school aged newly arrived students in metropolitan Sydney and Wollongong areas should be referred to their local Intensive English Centre (IEC) or the Intensive English High School (IEHS).

Primary schools and non-metropolitan secondary schools with eligible, newly arrived students can submit an application for New Arrivals Program teaching support available on the Multicultural education website. Schools must provide student information including residency status, visa subclass, date of arrival in Australia, language spoken at home as well as country of birth.

Eligible newly arrived students are those who:

  • speak a language other than English as their first language
  • are in need of intensive English tuition because they are at the beginning or emerging phase of English language proficiency
  • are newly arrived in Australia, enrolling in school within six months of arrival in Australia or, for Kindergarten students, within 18 months of their arrival
  • are enrolling in an Australian school for the first time, or transferring within 6 months
  • are Australian citizens returning from two years or more overseas, or are permanent residents or temporary visa holders with an Authority to Enrol (ATE) issued by the Temporary Residents Program (eligibility conditions apply).

All schools have a Strategic Improvement Plan in which they must show the school community how they propose to use funds to support students. Accountability for the effective use of new arrivals funding to improve student learning occurs through the Annual Report.

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