Integration funding support

Eligible students in mainstream classes who require moderate to high levels of adjustment may be eligible to access integration funding support. Students who access this support must have educational needs that are directly related to their identified disability and cannot be met through the full range of school and local resources.

Advice on completing the student profile should be sought from the central integration funding support Learning and Wellbeing officer prior to completing an access request for integration funding support.

How can schools use these funds?

Funding is for teacher or school learning support officer (SLSO) salaries only, with a minimum period of employment of an unbroken two hours for SLSOs.

Examples of the effective use of the allocation to support eligible students include:

  • engaging additional teachers and school learning support officers (SLSOs) to assist with personalised learning and support for students in their classrooms
  • providing release for classroom teachers to undertake targeted professional learning regarding a specific disability
  • providing release for classroom teachers to evaluate and plan adjustments with parents and carers and other school staff.

Key elements

In order to be eligible for integration funding support, students must have additional learning and support needs that cannot be met from existing school and local resources.

The student profile, completed by the school learning and support team and the parent or carer, provides an objective summary of the student's educational needs which, in conjunction with the degree of disability, determines the level of funding provided to the school to support each student.

Principals have the responsibility for determining the most appropriate ways of using the funding to meet the identified learning and support needs of the targeted students.

Adjustments delivered through integration funding support should be documented and regularly evaluated in conjunction with the summary profile levels.

All schools have a Strategic Improvement Plan in which they must show the school community how they propose to use integration funding support to support students. Accountability for the effective use of the funds to improve student learning occurs through the Annual Report.

Further information

For more information go to the Disability, learning and support website.

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