Operational funding

The base school allocation comprises staffing and operational funding.

Operational funding reflects the school type and includes:

  • school operational funding
  • utilities
  • per capita
  • location
  • urgent minor maintenance
  • teaching principals relief.

Operational funding reflects published enrolment and entitlement reports including full-time equivalent (FTE) entitlement contained in equity loadings.

School operational funding

School operational funding is provided to support and enhance the operations of the school, and can be used to contribute to the quality time initiative.

School operational funding is allocated according to input parameter rates generated by school type.

The input parameters are:

  • base school operational funding allocation
  • primary enrolment
  • secondary enrolment
  • senior enrolment (Years 11 and 12)
  • primary teacher staff entitlement
  • secondary teacher staff entitlement
  • immediate school administrative and support staff (SASS) entitlement, which includes:
    • Aboriginal education officer (AEO)
    • school learning support officer (SLSO)
  • primary non-immediate SASS entitlement, includes all categories of SASS with the exception of AEO and SLSO
  • secondary non-immediate SASS entitlement, includes all categories of SASS with the exception of AEO and SLSO.

The school types include:

  • primary school
  • secondary school
  • central school
  • schools for specific purposes (SSP)
  • environmental education centre (EEC)
  • intensive English centre
  • community care schools (also known as education and training units (ETU).

Per capita allocation

The per capita allocation is based on National Schools Statistics Collection (NSSC) data – full-time equivalent (FTE) enrolments for mainstream and support classes.

Some specialised settings receive a higher weighted per capita loading due to the intensive nature of teaching support required. In the School Budget Allocation Report (SBAR), schools are provided with a table showing the per capita allocation by enrolments in:

  • preschool
  • primary
  • primary support
  • secondary
  • secondary support
  • specialised settings.

Notional enrolments apply for specialised settings and the number of classes.

Schools have flexibility with this operational resource and may choose to use this allocation to:

  • release classroom teachers to support new curriculum implementation
  • enhance teaching resources
  • allocate additional resources to support specific programs
  • employ staff to support student learning needs.

Site specific

Site specific allocations include a list of items that relate to particular settings. Examples of site specific allocations include (but are not limited to):

  • year adviser
  • personal leave and additional training days (incentive schools)
  • Aboriginal learning and engagement centre
  • central schools allowance
  • support classes
  • preschool resource funding
  • schools for specific purposes (SSP) supplementary funding.

Schools will only see the allocations that are applicable to their school.

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