Video transcript – Quality Teaching, Successful Students

Adrian Piccoli – NSW Minister for Education
Principals have asked for more time so their teachers can work together to hone their teaching skills to improve student results and today I’m proud to be able to deliver this. Through Quality Teaching, Successful Students we are investing more than $224 million so that more than 1,000 of our best teachers can mentor and develop their peers.

Geoff Scott – President, NSW Primary Principals’ Association
Primary principals have been looking for this sort of initiative for many years. We believe it’ll make a huge difference significant funding and a recognition that primary years are really important.

Jane Imer – Principal, Ryde East Public School
This money is going to make a big difference to the teaching standards at Ryde East. We are going to be using our experienced teachers to help our other teachers by working really closely together. The collaboration that we’re going to be able to do is going to make a big difference. So the classroom practice will be just the best it can possibly be.

Adrian Piccoli – NSW Minister for Education
We have very high expectations for this initiative. NSW has many exceptional, experienced teachers and by targeting this extra funding directly to schools we can lift student results in every classroom across the state.

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