Quality Teaching, Successful Students

Quality Teaching, Successful Students (QTSS) provides an additional staffing allocation to improve the quality of teaching in all NSW public schools with primary students enrolled.

QTSS is delivered to ensure that all primary students benefit from high quality teaching and learning practices that best meet the full range of student needs.

Principals, in consultation with their executive, decide the best use of the allocation. The allocation can be used to:

  • provide release time for a school executive to establish collaborative practices in the school, or across a number of neighbouring schools, allowing teachers to work together and learn from each other by observing and discussing how they develop lesson plans and assessment tasks
  • provide release time to one of the school executive to establish mentoring and coaching practices to help an individual teacher in a specific area such as classroom management
  • employ a specialist in an area where teachers need support, such as literacy or numeracy
  • provide comprehensive and focused support for teachers with the accreditation processes they need to undertake.

While principals have the flexibility to determine how best to use their QTSS staffing allocation, strategies undertaken to enhance professional practice must be evidence-based and focused on improving the quality of classroom teaching to improve student outcomes.

Evidenced-based approaches to improve teaching and learning are detailed in the CESE research paper What works best.

Principals outline the proposed use of the allocation in their school plan and report on implementation and expenditure in the annual report.

Implementation process

The QTSS staffing allocation is distributed as a calendar year allocation through the SBAR and is based on the previous year’s published Actual enrolment and entitlement reports.

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