Bidwill Public School

Our school context at October 2018

School name: Bidwill Public School

School code: 4480

Number of students: 420

Principal: Janine Macky

Director Educational Leadership: Michael Hooker

Principal Network: Mount Druitt

Our funded school initiatives

Initiative 1

L3 training: ES1 and Stage 1 is engaged with professional learning

Impact and achievements

Teachers systematically collect various forms of data then analyse and prepare evidence to support student growth. Weekly professional learning supports teaching and learning programs. L3 data identifies students at risk and needing tier 2 and 3 intervention.

Initiative 2

Additional staffing

Impact and achievements

Management of the pre-school by relieving assistant principal to further ensure smooth running. The support unit assistant principal assists with professional learning and additional resources for the support units. Smaller classes to support behavioural and learning support needs. Also, additional SLSO staff of Pacific Islander and Aboriginal heritage to further support students and their families. Playground programs to support students with their social skills.

Initiative 3

Student assistance

Impact and achievements

The school assists families to financially support students gaining access to the curriculum; additional educational experiences, excursions, uniforms, camps and sporting events (for students competing at state levels).

Initiative 4

Upgrade wifi

Impact and achievements

Upgrade whole school wifi so students can access technology to enhance their skillset, engagement and learning.

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