Strong consultation processes

Schools with effective community engagement provide a broad range of flexible opportunities to engage, inform and consult with parents, carers and relevant community members. Traditional models of communication with the Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) are one of many diverse modes of consulting with the full range of parent and carer groups in schools today.

Bright ideas

Our families, our school

Many of the Aboriginal students at Bermagui Public School, on the NSW South Coast, can trace their ancestors back to families living in the area before European settlement. The school team committed to ensuring that all students learn about the history of Aboriginal people in the area.

The employment of an Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO) and a close relationship with the local AECG have had a significant role in establishing connections to country for the school community.

Changes were made to meeting venues and times to ensure families felt welcome and comfortable. Positive, proactive communication with families was significantly increased. The AEO and the principal often visit families in their homes and a special annual newsletter, Yuin Yarnin, with photos of all the Aboriginal students and stories that highlight their achievements during the year is welcomed by the whole community.

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