Instructional leadership

Schools that are effectively engaging the school community build the skill, capacity and knowledge of staff and the community. School leaders work towards building shared understandings of beliefs and values about teaching and learning, consultation processes and the school’s vision.

Bright ideas

Focusing on numeracy

Condell Park Public School used Early Action for Success as a vehicle to improve home-school partnerships. The school focused on numeracy, implementing strategies that would lead to improved student results. This was selected to be the focus for the school’s engagement with parents.

A parent workshop on mathematics in the classroom was presented by the instructional leader and parents were invited to observe mathematics lessons. Using a buddy system, senior and junior students worked together to allow parents to see learning at a range of levels. Parents saw that their children were learning mathematics in a very different way to the way they had been taught. Parents were impressed to see approaches to learning that seemed to be playing but actually involved specific mental strategies.

The ability of students to articulate their learning and relate it to real life problems was also of great interest to the parents.

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