High expectations

Teacher, student, and parent expectations all play a role in ensuring optimum outcomes for students. Managing community expectations requires strong leadership and open communication channels.

Bright ideas

Community and culture

Biraban Public School has established strong learning alliances that support the educational outcomes and wellbeing of Aboriginal students. The school is committed to lifting expectations for students by examining its strengths and core purpose in collaboration with community groups.

Ensuring cultural collaboration, an Aboriginal community member is employed full-time as an Aboriginal education officer. The school also gathers valuable feedback on specific focus areas through the annual ‘yarn up’ consultation with the local Aboriginal community, students, and staff.

Professional learning for staff around Connecting to Country in addition to workshops on MGoals have been used to engage staff, parents, and the broader community.

The school furthers community engagement by running several playgroups for local preschool children and welcoming the community to annual events such as local

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