Developing positive relationships

The development and maintenance of mutual trust and respect are essential for positive relationships to be sustained. Schools are encouraged to recognise families as the first and continuing educators of their children.

Bright ideas

Establishing supportive relationships

Auburn North Public School’s community is culturally diverse with more than 97% of students from language backgrounds other than English. All new families are welcomed into the school through interviews with parents and students on arrival. Community liaison officers, interpreters and local community support networks are made available when required.

Two multi-lingual community liaison officers are employed to establish supportive relationships and enhance communication. Ninety-five percent of parents attend biannual conferences with teachers and students to collaboratively set goals for student learning.

The school website has been developed to enable students and parents to have access to quality online curriculum links through the library to support learning goals. Twitter, Sentral, and other applications are used for two-way communication. Parent workshops focus have been held to explore the use of communication tools preferred by the school.

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