Connecting learning

Many schools achieve long-term, sustainable change by consulting broadly with the community in relation to how learning at home and learning at school are connected. Changes to curriculum offer an opportunity for schools to discuss learning progressions and cultural relevance with parents and carers.

Bright ideas

Parent excursions

Hilltop Road Public School introduced a parent excursion program to encourage parents/carers/community members to engage with school staff and programs in a social setting. It was thought that providing a social and cultural excursion program would enable parents/carers/community members to increase their knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning at the school, and their knowledge of the social and cultural history of the local and wider areas.

The first excursion was organised by the school’s community liaison officer and the school chaplain. The opportunity for members of the community to meet each other, as well as to interact with school staff, has furthered the development of mutual trust and understanding and has led to increased parent/carer/community involvement with the school.

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