Facilitating a team approach to school decision making processes supports the engagement of school leaders, teachers, parents, carers and community members as active contributors. Inclusive school policies, practices and programs help to build a culture of welcome and belonging for all families that reflects and respects the diversity within the school community.

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Transition program for refugee students and their families

Turvey Park Public School employed a bilingual community liaison officer (CLO) who was able to communicate directly with families, including those from language backgrounds other than English (LBOTE) and families from a refugee background.

The CLO supported families in a number of ways from pre-enrolment to ongoing support in understanding the school’s culture, procedures and learning programs. The CLO worked with the school’s English as an additional language or dialect (EAL/D) teacher to support the Beginning School Well program which was attended by all newly arrived families with children ready to start school.

The program included sessions such as school culture and routines, literacy, numeracy and healthy lunch boxes. The trusting relationship that developed between the parents, students, the CLO and the EAL/D teacher encouraged both parents and students to talk about issues that they were unfamiliar with or were of concern.

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