Video transcript - Vibrant and imaginative Miranda Public School

Narelle Chaplain - Relieving Principal, Miranda Public School

Miranda's quite an unusual school in that the demographics of our community are quite dissimilar to the surrounding areas.

We've got over 53 different nationalities in the cohort of the students here and we also have 283 students.

We have 10 regular classes or parallel class structures, and we have our three support unit classes, our autism class and our two IO and support classes.

John Skene - Relieving Assistant Principal

Hi, my name's John Skene. I work closely with students with autism spectrum disorder. So, I looked at doing a shopping program in the community. The students can understand road safety. That they hold an adult's hand when they're near the road. They follow instructions. They wait for the green man.

Helping them understand social etiquette, of how to act at a table, interact with those around them, as well as, you know, engage with the community members, the staff behind the counter, placing their order for, you know, a babyccino

Local resident

We always say hello. They always, you know, "Thank you." Always well-mannered and good kids.

John Skene - Relieving Assistant Principal

The informal interactions with the community are just so powerful 'cause it allows the community even to see that difference is OK.

When I first started at Miranda Public School, I took it upon myself to set up a sensory room at the school. To help set it up, I actually had to work with the local community, work with the P&C, to help run some fundraiser events.

And the students just love it. It's so nice to see them interacting with each other, building those imaginative play situations. Engaging with all the different equipment that's in there helps them build those informal social skills as well with their peers.

2014, myself and another member of staff received an email from Holyoake, which is the company that runs the DRUMBEATS program. The program itself actually started within the jail system as a way to support the socio-emotional needs as well as relationships with inmates.

So it's not about learning about how to play the drum as such, but it's more about learning patterns while using the drum and working together as a team to listen out to what's happening next to you, so that with that bass drum, the heartbeat of the group, everyone's coming back to that.

Connie Metros - Learning and Support Teacher

My name is Connie Metros. I'm the learning and support teacher at Miranda Public School.

One of the programs that I've implemented in order to support student learning is the fluency program.

The brainwave of our principal was to actually reach out to Port Hacking High School, which is across the road.

At the beginning of every year, they send over their top Year 9 class and I train about 30 students to implement the program. And this is the second year we've been doing this, in operation, in liaison with Port Hacking High School and it's been a great success.

Narelle Chaplain - Relieving Principal, Miranda Public School

As part of building community connections, we always have charities that we would nominate and Jump Rope for Heart is one of our major charities for this year because we feel it's really important doing activities at school which not only just benefit our school but reach out and has an impact.

I think that that saying - "It takes a village to raise a child" - we certainly have that very strong community link here at Miranda.

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