Overview of Universal Resources Hub

We are committed to supporting our staff as we continue to deliver education to NSW public school students in a period of change and recovery. A major goal of the School Success Model is to support all schools with quality tools, resources, and targeted advice they need to help every student achieve their potential.

The Universal Resources Hub provides a central location for school staff to access quality-assured teaching, learning and school improvement resources.

The benefits of the Universal Resources Hub for school staff are:

  • all resources are quality assured through a standardised quality assurance process to ensure they have relevance, impact and meet specific quality standards
  • the quality assured resources available are mapped to either the Teaching and Learning cycle or the School Improvement cycle to help teachers, school leaders and school-based staff with their daily teaching and school practices
  • quality assured resources will be developed continuously and uploaded regularly throughout the year.

The Quality Assurance Process is undertaken by the department’s experts to ensure the resources are designed and developed to improve student outcomes or school planning.

The number of resources found within the Universal Resources Hub will increase over time. More resources will be developed on a needs basis for staff and refined based on our evaluation of what we know is working.

How to access

The Universal Resources Hub was launched in March 2022.

Please note, that the Universal Resources Hub can only be accessed by staff working in the NSW Department of Education. Staff will be prompted to login to the Universal Hub using their staff portal details. Staff can add the Universal Resources Hub tile to their My Essentials list.

For staff working in the NSW Department of Education here is a link to the Universal Resource Hub. You will be prompted to login using your staff portal details.

Further support

For any questions about the Universal Resources Hub, please get in touch at: schoolsuccess@det.nsw.edu.au

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