The School Success Model details a range of ambitious yet reasonable targets, for schools and the system, which build upon the NSW Premier’s Priorities in education and reflect our shared commitment for improvement.

In addition to the targets outlined here, all Year 1 students will be required to undergo a compulsory Phonics Screening Check from 2021. Student wellbeing targets will be baselined in 2021.

Target area Department targets School targets


Increase public school students in top two NAPLAN bands for literacy and numeracy by 15%. (Premier’s Priority 2023)

Individual school targets in place from 2020.

Aboriginal Education

Increase Aboriginal students attaining the HSC while maintaining their cultural identity by 50%.
(Premier’s Priority 2023)

Individual school network targets in place from 2020 (percentage uplift). Individual school student uplift in place that underpins the network target.


Proportion of students’ HSC results in the top two achievement bands from 34.6% (2018) to 35.7% (2022).

Individual school targets in place from 2021.


Public school students attending school at least 90% of the time from 79.4% (2018) to 82% (2022) Primary and 64.5% (2018) to 70% (2022) Secondary.

Individual school targets in place from 2021.

Student growth (equity)

Public school students achieving expected growth in reading and numeracy from 62.3% (2018) to 66.4% (2022).

Individual school targets in place from 2021.


Recent school leavers participating in higher education, training or work from 89.6% (2018) to 91.6% (2022) and 93.6% (2028).

Students continuing to Year 12 from 73.9% (2018)
to 76.7%

A measure will be selected with a baseline established for each high school in 2022, and with targets set for every high school from 2023.

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