The School Success Model drives a state-wide approach for delivering support to lift student outcomes in priority learning and school improvement areas. Depending on the needs of each school, three levels of support, universal, guided, or strategic, will be available to schools to address a priority improvement area.

We know that to drive improvement across our schools we need to enhance the quality of support and planning schools use in their everyday practices. The School Success Model brings together school planning data, new teaching resources and specialist staff to work with principals and school staff to drive progress and improvement in areas such as reading and numeracy, wellbeing, and attendance.

These supports are integral to our Continuous School Improvement journey in developing our 3 domains of Learning, Teaching and Leading so that every student, every teacher, every leader, and every school improves every year.

The greater the need, the greater level of support is given to schools.

All schools have access to evidence-based resources designed to lift improvement in priority areas for the system. All universal resources made available to schools are of high quality and designed to meet the needs of NSW public schools. A new quality assurance process has been established to govern and strengthen the publication of resources published on the Universal Resources Hub.

Our initial priority areas

This support approach will be delivered to schools across priority learning areas such as Aboriginal HSC Attainment, attendance, behaviour, financial management, and reading and numeracy.

Three levels of support

Type of support Description An example in practice

This level of support covers the delivery of evidence-based and quality-assured resources for all schools.

All resources published on the hub are assessed against design standards to ensure consistency, relevance, and, quality for school staff using this support.

These resources can be accessed by school staff on a self-serve basis and by using their staff login/department access.

Teachers using quality-assured resources on the department's online Universal Resources Hub

Head Teachers or Assistant Principals share examples of useful and effective resources with teaching staff on the hub.


This next level of support delivers targeted guidance and advice to a school and is led by a school’s Director, Educational Leadership (DEL), or knowledgeable other. The DEL is a strategic leadership role within the department that is responsible for driving continuous improvement in NSW public schools.

This level of support is led by the DEL in collaboration with the school principal and uses available universal resources and professional learning to target improvement in a focus area for a school.

Directors, Educational Leaders guide the implementation of specific resources on the department's Universal Resources Hub or professional learning with principals and school executive teams.

Ongoing coaching and progress monitoring sessions between Directors, Educational Leadership, Principal Education Officers, and Principals on the impact of the resources, used and embedded within a school.

Strategic This tailored and customised support delivers hands-on assistance from specialists within the department working closely with the school executive team to lift improvement for an identified focus area. A 15-week program led by the system’s Lead Specialists Literacy and Lead Specialists Numeracy, who work closely with schools to identify areas of teaching that need support and plan how to improve them, for instance improving students’ comprehension and vocabulary.
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