Ambassador schools

We're identifying high-performing public schools in NSW and working with them to share their effective practices with other schools across the state and beyond.

One of the key initiatives in the School Success Model, the Ambassador Schools program, is one way we are lifting performance across the entire NSW Education system through targeted support and advice to schools. The program is designed to recognise the practice of our most effective schools so that we can scale it across similar schools in NSW to help lift performance across the entire system.

It is also being developed to generate a robust evidence base of factors that drive high performance to enable all students across NSW public schools to have equal access to opportunities for success.

So far, the department has announced 3 Ambassador Schools in February 2021. Our next 3 Ambassador Schools will be announced in Term 3, followed by more later in the year.

Researching and sharing effective practice

Working with university partners, Ambassador Schools will participate in research to identify which of their practices are most effective in driving improved student outcomes. With a focus on both metropolitan and regional NSW, the department will work with the research team to scale effective practices across other schools.

Our Ambassador Schools

Ambassador schools are selected for their strong performance compared with like schools. Ambassador schools include primary and secondary schools in metropolitan and regional areas across a range of contexts. Schools selected to be Ambassador Schools have demonstrated strong results across a number of areas compared to similar schools, including in reading and numeracy.

Our first three Ambassador Schools, announced in Term 1, are:

  • Auburn North Public School
  • Fairvale High School
  • Millthorpe Public School

Milthorpe Public School Student Success

Duration - 03:05

Milthorpe Public School Student Success

Future ambassador schools

Our next group of Ambassador Schools will be announced in Term 3, followed by our final for 2021 later in the year.

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