The School Success Model is our plan for driving student success. It’s how we support staff on-the-ground, prioritise action and build the resilience and success of every school.​

We know that to drive improvement across our schools we need to lift the quality of support and planning to schools. The School Success Model brings together school planning data, teaching resources and specialist staff to work with principals and school staff.

The greater the need, the greater level of support is given to schools. The School Success Model has established a targeted approach that structures, contextualises and organises support for schools based on their improvement needs. This drives a new way for the department to partner with schools to deliver essential and more targeted support to lift improvement.

Key focus areas for this support

Support will be delivered to schools in areas such as Aboriginal HSC Attainment, attendance, behaviour, financial management, and reading and numeracy.

Image: Evidence-based and quality support for NSW public schools

The types of support

Type of support Description of this support Examples of this support in action
Universal support

Universal support provides schools with high-quality resources and professional learning which are evidence-based and support the improvement of student outcomes in a strategic and time-efficient manner. This support provides all schools with access to quality resources via the web-based platform of the Universal Resources Hub.

It is accessible through a self-service support model.

As part of their programming and planning, teachers select a lesson plan in their key learning area (such as reading) available on the Universal Resources Hub.

Head Teachers and/or School Executives test resources from the URH and share the most useful examples with colleagues.

Teachers view recently added, most viewed, liked, and popular resources that are related to their curriculum or interest area.

Guided support Guided support is targeted guidance by Directors, Educational Leadership to identify and support the implementation of appropriate universal supports. Content specialists within areas of the department provide advice and guidance on universal resources to support the process.

Director, Educational Leadership selects the most useful resource available on the department’s Universal Resources Hub for use in a particular focus area, such as reading.

Regular conversations with principals as part of the implementation and progress monitoring planning process, to assess and monitor the impact of the universal resource in the classroom.

Strategic Support Strategic support is a partnership process that can provide targeted, timely support to build the improvement capacity of schools in specific outcome areas. A customised strategy co-designed by a content specialist team in partnership with a Director, Educational Leadership, Principal, School Leadership (PSL), and principal alongside teaching staff in schools to uplift capability in an agreed focus area. For instance, a strategic support improvement strategy is developed for a school with a focus on improving students’ vocabulary skills.
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