NSW term dates 2019

NSW public school term dates for 2019. Starting and finishing dates may vary from school to school. Check these dates with your school.

Term 1 - Eastern Tuesday 29 Jan Friday 12 Apr
Term 1 - Western Tuesday 5 Feb Friday 12 Apr
Term 2 Monday 29 Apr Friday 05 Jul
Term 3 Monday 22 Jul Friday 27 Sept
Term 4 Monday 14 Oct Friday 20 Dec

Development days

Term dates include school development days (PDF 56.04KB) at the start of Terms 1, 2 and 3, and the last 2 days of the school year in NSW public schools.

Check with your local school as some dates may be changed.

Speed zones

School speed zones operate on all notified school days, including school development days.

More information

Visit our calendar page for a complete list of term dates, holidays, test and exam dates and more.

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