Parents and carers

In this section

  • Starting preschool

    Advice from early childhood teachers and parents to make it easier for you and your family to get your child ready for preschool.

  • Starting primary school

    Includes checklists, routines, keeping your child safe and happy, health and wellbeing, food, learning and activities.

  • Starting high school

    Guide to starting high school including advice ranging from school timetables and peer pressure to homework and study.

  • Additional needs

    Parents often ask what else they can do to help prepare their child for school. Here are some excellent ideas for starting school.

  • Term dates 2019

    Term 1 starts Tues 29 Jan (Eastern division) and Tues 5 Feb (Western) and ends in both divisions Fri 12 April. Term 2 starts Mon 29 April.

  • Learning resources

    English and maths glossaries and tips, curated links to hundreds of articles, videos, games and programs to help your child at home.

  • Help with homework

    High school study tips, how to prepare a study timetable and study bank, essay writing tips, research advice, and help with tests and exams.

  • School transitions

    The transition from preschool to primary school and primary to high school is a major milestone for children, parents and carers.

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