Transcript – Transition to school

Young girl:
Starting Kindergarten, I think, will be really exciting.

She’s really looking forward to being with her new friends and getting to know them. And I know she’s also looking forward to learning to read because she’s been trying to learn her letters.

Young girl:
And I’m also looking forward to learning how to do really hard maths. And I’m also looking forward to learning about different kinds of animals and learning to do more craft.

Oh, she’s been talking about what’s it going to be like during the school days. So will they get to have lunch break and play in the playground and who will her teachers be?

I just really hope that she will feel nurtured and comfortable there and I want her to feel really safe and secure. I want her to really be confident that she’s making friends that are going to be with her on the journey through school. And I just want her to have a sense that it’s going to be a fun place to go every day.

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