Randwick Boys High School survey

We are exploring community interest in changing Randwick Boys High School into a co-educational high school and would like to know what you think.

Your comments

We know our public schools are an important part of our community and that this proposal will be of interest.

Please let us know what you think by completing this short survey

There will also be information booths in the community over the school holidays at shopping centres and markets; and you can also send comments to randwick@det.nsw.edu.au

The Department is seeking feedback on transitioning Randwick Boys High School into a co-educational school.

Community consultation

You will be able to complete this survey until Friday 15 February 2019. As part of our community consultation, we will be speaking with community and key interest groups between now and early February to gain a better understanding of community views to inform final recommendations.

You can also ask specific questions and share your comments at information booths at local shopping centres during the school holidays.

Community information booths

We will also be holding information booths and conducting roaming surveys to give the community an opportunity to have a say about whether Randwick Boys High School should transition to co-educational.

Friday 18 January10am to 3pmWestfield, Eastgardens
Tuesday 22 January10am to 3pmCosmopolitan Centre, Double Bay
Wednesday 23 January9:30am to 6pmWestfield, Bondi Junction
Friday 25 January9am to 5:30pmPacific Square, Maroubra
Saturday 2 February10am to 2pmRoyal Randwick Shopping Centre, Randwick


If the decision is made to change Randwick Boys High School into a co-educational school female students will be enrolled into the school in stages across a number of years.

The decision will be made following the community consultation with families and schools.

Questions and answers

Below you will find some answers to common questions about the Randwick Boys High School community consultation.

What is the purpose of the survey?

As part of its future planning, the Department of Education is exploring community suggestions on making Randwick Boys High School a comprehensive co-educational high school.

The survey is only one part of community consultations. There will be information booths at major shopping centres through the school holidays and consultation with community groups, Principals and teachers.

When will a decision be made about whether Randwick Boys High School will be transitioned to being a co-educational high school?

The Department of Education is committed to undertaking thorough community consultation as part of its planning process. A decision is expected in the first half of 2019.

Why is the consultation being undertaken now?

The Department of Education continually reviews its planning for schools to ensure it has the appropriate infrastructure to serve current and future needs.

Suggestions have been made that Randwick Boys High School should be a co-educational high school and so the department is seeking feedback on the idea.

When would Randwick Boys High School become co-educational?

While a decision has not yet been made, it takes time to move a school from single-sex to co-educational.

Recent examples of schools that have done this like Barker College and St Andrews Cathedral School have taken a number of years to phase the change in. There are a number of educational aspects to be considered and planned for.

If the decision is made that Randwick Boys High School will become a co-educational high school, girls would be enrolled in a staged process over a number of years.

Why has Randwick Boys High School been chosen for this?

The decision for consultation was made based on community feedback, which we are continuing to explore.

No decision about whether Randwick Boys High School will become co-educational has been made; the department is seeking community feedback on the suggestion.

What will happen to Randwick Girls High School?

Randwick Girls High School will remain a comprehensive girls’ high school.

What kinds of opportunities are there for the community to have input?

The survey will be open until 15 February 2019. Throughout the school holiday period and early in the 2019 school year there will be community engagement activities.

The department will meet with key interest groups such as the NSW Teachers’ Federation, Secondary Principals Council and local P&Cs.

There will be information booths at major shopping centres.

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